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The San Gabriel Valley (aka 626) in Los Angeles is one hodgepodge of great restaurants. It is one of the best places in America to enjoy all types of Asian food. Below are my recommendations. The restaurants are listed in no particular order, but grouped by cuisines or themes.

Many thanks to the late Jonathan Gold, whose articles introduced millions of people to great restaurants in Southern California. Also many thanks to Ruby Chan and family, whose generosity made many meals possible.

A quick note on food guides: most writers have no idea what they are talking about, because experienced eaters (e.g uncles and grandmas) don't write for a living. This is why Eater LA doesn't have many 60 year old staff writers. Approach all guides with a grain of salt.


Chinese noodle

Chinese/Taiwanese breakfast

Shanghai style

Spicy Chinese

Korean (K-town in separate section)



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