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This is Michael He (Huh).

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Hi, I'm Michael He

I live in Los Angeles. I currently work at a major bank. It's a great place with nice people. You can read some of my principles here.

Here are some of my favorite things:

You can email me here.


I like doing projects. I am working on the following things right now.

I have three long-term projects:

Here is a list of other projects I've done:


Writing what you want to write is really fun. I wish more people can give it a try.

Here are some of my favorite pieces:

Here are some non-essay things to read:

I no longer have the abundant energy necessary to plan out topics ahead of time. Let's have serendipity play a larger role.


I strive to read everyday. One thing I learned over time is to never stop reading and do whatever it takes to make that happen. I quit reading boring or unsubstantial things very quickly. I often switch reading materials to maintain energy and interest. And I don't limit myself to reading books or articles, anything is fair game (even music lyrics or web novels).

The napkin math is as follows: reading 20 pages a day equals 600 pages each month, which is about two full-length books. That equals two dozen books read a year, which is well above the general public. Chances are you read even more than that, considering these 20 pages are largely for leisure, not for work.

Things pile up really quickly. That's the magic of life.

It's nice to share great URLs.

Here are my favorite people to read on the Internet in no particular order:

I am in the process of gathering links on certain themes and topics:

I love people from these communities. They inspire me.

I learned a lot about writing from these resources:


This is my profile, by my friend Chris Du.

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